Test yourself for chlamydia and gonorrhea at home for free

Do you think you might have a sexually transmitted disease? Now you have the opportunity to take the urine sample at home for a reliable laboratory test that detects chlamydia and gonorrhea. In order to use the service you need either Finnish online banking codes or a Mobile Certificate.

The service is for the customers of YTHS.

If you do not have the final Finnish personal identity number we cannot check your identity and you will not be able to use this service. In that case you are welcome to visit YTHS in person to give a sample. If you are not sure whether your Finnish ID number is suitable or not, you are free to try to use the service.

You can access the service from the yths.telelab.fi web page. The service involves the following three steps.

1. Order the sampling kit

Order the sampling kit to be delivered to your home by regular mail, for free.

Start by clicking step one, “Tilaa näyte”, on the yths.telelab.fi front page. Next you will be asked to identify yourself – click the green button that reads “Tunnistaudu” and choose either your online banking service provider or Mobile Certificate as a means of identification. Finally you will be asked to provide your address and telephone number so that we can send you the sampling kit and an SMS text message when the result is ready.

2. Take the sample

When the kit arrives, take the sample at home following these instructions yths.telelab.fi/Kayttoohje_YTHS_web_EN_FINAL.pdf.

Send the sample in via regular mail using the mailing box included in the sampling kit.

3. Check the result

When your sample has been analyzed at the laboratory you will be notified by an SMS to the telephone number you have provided. You can see the result by clicking step three, “Katso tulos”, on the yths.telelab.fi front page.

You will be asked to identify yourself (as in step 1) when ordering the sampling kit. If your test result is “Negatiivinen” for both chlamydia and gonorrhea, you are not infected and you do not need to take further action. If the result is “Positiivinen” for either of the infections, please book an appointment at YTHS to get treatment.

Watch a video about the service https://youtu.be/UZamrwBl_9U.